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Pete Tzinski
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Fade To Black I: Shards of Paradise
With actions over against the Orion Syndicate, the Starship Khitomer puts in for repairs, and the crew begins to disperse. But all is not peaceful. With members of the crew lost in a surreal hellish world, others chasing a ghost ship, and still more trying to deal with the dead, and the insane, the crew is left trying to pick up the shards of paradise.
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Chris Adamek
The Final Frontier
Balance of Power
In a parallel universe where the Breen are still a threat, and the Elorg never existed, the crew of an alternate Starlight discover a treacherous ploy to disrupt the delicate equilibrium created by the universe--and the man behind the plot is none other than an insidious Alan Christopher...
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Peter Wildash
Outer Zone
The Hidden
Cut off from the Fantasy aboard the runabout Hudson, Reb and Lirik find themselves doggedly pursued by K'Tani forces.
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Phillip Barlow
Tales of Starfleet
Enter the Slayer - the conclusion
The Triumvirate of Krassellon can only be destroyed if it is all in one piece. With this information, Mara and the others head with the jewel to Briakis VII to face the Myock cult...and The Master.
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Star Trek: The Original Series - Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 1
Evil Must Be Opposed.
-- Vedek Yassim,

(DS9: Rocks and Shoals)
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