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Bonnie Holmyard, Bruce Ford
Star Trek: The Excalibur Epics [ MMCD ]
Tag, You're Hit!
The junior officers of USS Excalibur enjoy shore leave on a starbase.
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Joseph Manno
USS Liberty
Orphans and Strays
Another in the series of tales serving to fill in the blanks of Liberty characters' pasts finds Luciano Mantovanni both speaking about a Vulcan-influenced upbringing, and relaying the account of his participation in an important coming-of-age ritual that, during the course of its occurrence, became much more.
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Chris Adamek
The Final Frontier
Manifest Destiny
After receiving a distress call from the long-forgotten USS Atlantis, the Starlight ventures to the Dentari System to retrieve the vessel--only to discover the pre-warp denizens of Dentari IV have claimed the ship as their own. With the Prime Directive looming in the back of their minds, the crew set out to retreive the ship...
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Chris Robato
Star Trek Athena - The Secret Fleet
Captain Garret (no relation to Enterprise-C captain) is about to experience the greatest joy a Starfleet captain can earn---to command his first ship. Expecting at least a frigate or destroyer, the most common vessels used for first time captains, what Garret got was something he didn't bargain for---a mysterious new ship, sentient with an attitude and a gorgeous hologram.
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Chris Adamek
The Final Frontier
Treading Thin Ice
A day in the life of the Elorg... Hungry for power and territory, Z'danorax begins to plot the conquest of the Federation, and the downfall of Overseer Xi'Yor. Meanwhile, with the discovery that Talyere lives, the Resistance slowly begins to gain power of its own...
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