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Illustrious (ILS)
Set in the year 2380, a little over five years after the end of the Dominion War, and three years after the return of Voyager from the Delta Quadrant - two events that play a key role in the unfolding of the USS Illustrious' development and mission. The Illustrious is the Federations first transwarp capable starship. Soon after her launch, events unfold that remove her crew from their primary mission of deep space exploration and pit them into a galaxy of espionage, political machinations, and a fight for survival.
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John CaulfieldStar Trek fan fiction http://www.thequadrant.org/series.php?series_id=1
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John Caulfield
101/102 - Into the Mix
After years of development, the Federationís first transwarp capable starship finally launches. Her mission of exploration is quickly derailed when a conspiracy is uncovered that not only places the lives of the crew at risk, but could change the nature of the Federation forever.
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